Popcorn, Haircuts, and other Changes


Popcorn, Haircuts, and Other Changes

You did it.
You just made a change.
This page was closed, but now it is open.


Everything Changes

Some things change all at once.

Some things change more slowly.

Some changes are happy and exciting

Some changes are scary

Some changes are both exciting and a little bit scary

How Things Change

Change happens only when something makes it happen--something inside or outside, pushing or pulling, holding or letting go, saying 'yes' or saying 'no'.

Change is like a tug-of-war with two sides pulling in opposite directions. For something to change, one side has to pull harder than the other.

One side is usually stronger, more important, or easier to see than the other side.

Changes start little by little with each side pushing or pulling against the other.

Turning Points

In time there comes a turning point.

Like the popping balloon and popcorn some turning points are easy to see.

Other times the turning point is hard to see, but it still happens.

Some turning points mark an ending

Some endings are happy.

Some endings are sad.

But since changes never stop, even endings are new beginnings.

Circles and Spirals

Some changes go in circles, returning to where they started.

Some changes go in spirals--they look like they come back to where they started, but something is different.

Making Changes

Now you know how things change. Do you also know that you are powerful and that you can make all sorts of changes?

Some changes are simple to make.

Some changes take a bit more effort.

In our world, if you work with other people, you can help make many changes.

If everyone pulls together we can learn how to solve even big problems. We can change--

Now you are coming to another turning point--the end of this web page. Has reading this made a change in you?

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