Contradictions Everywhere


     Contradictions Everywhere As argued throughout this web site, everything is made of opposites, and every change has two opposing forces. These forces move in opposite, or contradictory directions, so we call this struggle of opposites a contradiction.

Contradictions occur everywhere in nature--earth-sun, predator-prey, electrons-protons--in every object and every process. Life is a process of overcoming obstacles--resolving contradictions in order to move forward and survive.

Here are a number of contradictions that most of us resolve on a typical day:
In general, work is about resolving unresolved contradictions. Here are some contradictions that apply to a typical office job: Of course our bodily functions continue no matter what kind of job we have. No matter how pressing our work demands are, sooner or later we have to go to the bathroom (full bladder - empty bladder), get something to eat (hungry - fed), take a stretch or rest break (unstretched - stretched, unrested - rested).

And so it goes all day long--we face contradictions and we resolve them--or they get resolved naturally, like when we get tired and fall asleep at the end of the day.

Some contradictions are more important than others. For a discussion of that, return to First Things First.