What good is knowing dialectics?

    Ten Ways You Turn Into Your Opposite--Every Day Before You Leave Your House!

Here are 10 ways that you and your body become their opposites--before you even get out the door in the morning. (Of course, not everybody has the same routine, or even has a house to live in (!), but you get the idea.
    You go from asleep to awake

2. You go from in bed to out of bed

3. You go from unwashed to washed (plus some more opposites here):
     You go from out of the shower to in the shower
     The water goes from off to on to off
     You go from unsoapy to soapy and then to rinsed
     You go from wet to dry

4. Your bladder goes from full to empty

5. Your bowels go from full to empty

6. Your teeth go from unbrushed to brushed

7. Your hair goes from messy to combed

8. You go from undressed to dressed (lots of opposites here):
     Your clothes go from off to on
     Your shoes go from untied to tied
     Your zippers go from unzipped to zipped
     Your shirt goes from unbuttoned to buttoned

9. You go from hungry to fed (lots of opposites here too):
     The refrigerator goes from closed to opened to closed
     Your food goes from uncooked to cooked
     Eggs go from soft to hard
     Oatmeal goes from runny to ready
     Your food goes from uneaten to eatened (even more opposites here):
          Your food goes from out of your mouth to in your mouth
          Your food goes from unchewed to chewed
          Your food goes from unswallowed to swallowed
          Your stomach goes from empty to full
     Your milk goes from unpoured to poured/undrunk to drunk
     Vitamins go from untaken to taken

10. Your coat goes from off to on; your door goes from closed to opened; and you go from in the house to out of the house!

So our bodies and the world around us are always changing into opposites. Remember that we, like everything else, have many opposing sides--at first one side is in control, but eventually the other side becomes stronger and--all at once--we go from asleep to awake, undressed to dressed, . . .

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