Spirals A - Z


Spirals A - Z Do changes go around and around like day and night, winter and summer, always coming back to where they started? Or is there really a spiral, sort of like a circle, but not coming back to the same place. Look at these spirals A - Z and see what you think.

A - An Acorn falls in the woods. It sprouts into a tree that eventually makes new, and different

B - You're walking along and you happen to trip. Next time you're more careful to keep your

C - It's the big game. You're team starts to lose and you're feeling bad. But then you feel great when your team makes a
C omeback.

D - A baby doesn't know how to use a bathroom so we use Diapers to keep from having a mess. When a toddler learns to use a bathroom we're glad that there is no more need for the

E - Whether it's plants or animals, those best adapted to their environment survive, and the other species die out. This is the basis for

F - Someone dies and everyone feels bad. But we feel a little better after everyone gets together to celebrate their friend's life at a

G - You start school when you are young. If you work hard, you can celebrate when you

H - When you are sick, your body will try to build up new defenses as it

I - If there is a traffic accident, maybe the next one can be prevented by having a stop sign

J - If someone is treated badly, we should all work to seek

K - For people to live, we have to eat plants and animals. Although it may seem harsh, for life to go on, we have to

L - You may not know everything, but you can

M - Your back is stiff, and you're feeling beat, but you'll feel a lot better after a

N - All of these examples represent a negation of

O - When someone is very sick, they may recover if they have an

P - When something is not just, it is important to

Q - If you are puzzled and confused, it's a good idea to ask a

R - To find out what is going on in the world, you need to learn how to

S - A winding staircase goes up around and around in a

T - If you know how to do something, and your friend doesn't, you can

U - When you make a mistake on the computer, you can hit the button that says

V - A steam engine needs pressure to run, but when the pressure gets too high, it could explode if it didn't have a safety

W - Left - Right - Left. That's how you move ahead when you

X - When you have a flat tire on your car, you need an

Y - Tomorrow will replace today, just as today replaced

Z - To go up a mountain it's best to follow a course that

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