Spirals table


Spirals A - Z (a second look)
    Starting Point Opposite (Negation) Spiral (Negation of Negation)
A Acorn Acorn intact Acorn destroyed as it sprouts Tree grows and produces new/different acorns
B Balance Walking, but carelessly Tripping. losing your balance Walking, but being more careful
C Come-back Before the big game--happy with anticipation Feeling despair as your team falls behind Feeling ecstasy as your team pulls off a big come-back and wins (Of course this is just a negation if your team loses, but then, there's always next year.)
D Diapers Without diapers, a baby makes a mess Diapers preserve cleanliness, but are a hassle By learning to use a bathroom, toddlers keep themselves clean, no longer needing diapers
E Evolution Living species Death of those least adapted Survival of new species, better adapted
F Funeral A living friend Death, grief A funeral celebrates the friend's life, relieving grief
G Graduation Before school, uneducated Going to school Graduating, with an education
H Healing Health, but without anti-bodies Sickness Health, but with anti-bodies to combat future sickness
I Install Intersection is built Collisions occur Install stop sign to improve safety
J Justice An innocent person Treated unfairly An apology, reparations, justice
K Kill Living plants and animals These living things are killed to make food for people People eat the food and are able to live
L Learning Ignorant, but blissful Learning, having to work at it Knowledgeable, and blissful
M Massage Before--Sore and tense Getting a massage After--Feeling less sore and tense
N Negation of negation Starting point Negation of starting point to an opposite Negation of negation, back to the starting point, but with something different
O Operation Ailing and in need of surgery Doctors perform an operation Recovering, and in better health (hopefully)
P Protest You disagree, but say nothing Finally, you have to protest Even if you don't get your way, at least you feel better
Q Question You're puzzled and confused, but quiet Ask a question Afterwards, you might get an answer.
R Reading Being illiterate Studying to learn to read No longer studying reading, but being literate
S Spiral Starting up a spiral staircase Going half-way around to the other side Completing the circle, but being higher
T Teach You know, but they don't You teach them Now you both know
U Undo You're typing along on the computer You accidentally hit the wrong key and erase your file Click Undo, and you're back where your started, but being more careful
V Valve A steam engine is working hard It overheats and could explode The safety valve releases the energy; the overheating can be fixed without an explosion
W Walk Left . . . Right . . . Left. . . but now you're two steps ahead
X eXtra The car is moving along, but one tire is going bad A flat tire stops the car The extra tire gets you back on your way
Y Yesterday Yesterday is negated by Today, which is negated by Tomorrow. Each day is different.
Z Zig Zag Start up the mountain in one direction Cut back in the opposite direction Zig zag back in the original direction, but at a higher level

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