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Dialectics Defined Since 1999

Everything changes, and Dialectics for Kids explains how. If you are old enough to read, you can understand change. It's so simple even grown-ups can understand.    Please choose:
The ABC's of Change - Ages 4 and up
Popcorn, Haircuts, and Other Changes - Ages 5 and up
Bit by Bit . . . Then all at Once - Ages 7 and up
Circles or Spirals? - Ages 9 and up
Ten Ways You Turn into Your Opposite - Ages 9 and up
Dialectics--The Musical - Songs for all ages
Dialectics for Teachers - Exercises for students
What the Heck is Dialectics? - For big kids
Dialectics and the film Half Nelson - For movie streamers (R rated)
Dialectics of Global Warming - For anyone with a future
Interview on KPFA-1-8-21--Education Today with Kitty Epstein
About Us - The intergalactic dialectic conspiracy
Testimonials> - From our clients

Of course that's not all there is to understanding change. This site will add more songs, drawings, and essays. What do you think about change? Please send your comments by clicking here, and go out and make some changes of your own!

Last update: January, 2021