Dialectics for Teachers


     Dialectics for Teachers Here are some ideas for teaching dialectics:

1. Quantitative change leads to qualitative change:

2. Everything is made of opposites:

Can your students think of anything that isn't made of opposites? Remember that any object has to have a force holding its parts together; otherwise they fly apart (2nd law of thermodynamics). Also, any process only moves forward if a force causes it to move (Newton's laws of motion). Also, concepts are not things, so they aren't "made of opposites", but they do need opposites to be understood--e.g. good/bad, fast/slow, etc. If your students come up with a good question here, please send it to dialectics4kids@igc.org. You can also read the suggestions that have been sent in to Dialectics for Kids as well as the responses by going to What Isn't Made of Opposites?

3. Change moves in spirals (negation of negation):

4. Knowing both sides of any thing or process:

Good luck and have fun in teaching this important concept!

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